I want to give a "shout out" to my lovely, sister, Karen for finding this amazing leaf! I literally have hundreds of leaf molds made from real leaves I've collected over the years and Karen found this Angelica Leaf deep in the plant and just like that, it's now my favorite leaf. So it's making its debut!

This is a simplistic necklace handcrafted with this adorable, baby Angelica leaf that is natural heart-shaped and placed on top of a 3/4" round disc charm giving it a multi-layered look. Even though this is a young leaf, it has an incredible amount of deep veining on its surface that has been enhanced by light patina that oozes in the crevices and provides rich contrast. 

The symbolic meaning or language of the Angelica leaf is compassion, a virtue we all need a little more of!.

As you can see from one of the photos, it has a floral motif design on the reverse side giving this necklace an added artistic appeal. This particular botanical necklace hangs from an oval, drawn cable chain that is Sterling Silver. I love this chain because it's light and delicate and adds a touch of sparkle on the neck. It is 18" long, but I can make this any length you wish. Just use my variation menu when ordering.

Need a little reminder to be more compassionate? Wear this classic Woods and Willow Angelica Leaf Necklace....Enjoy!

Angel Leaf Necklace

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