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Our family means the world to, more than ever.  Our universe is pulling us all inwards to our own individual family units for love and protection.  This Woods and Willow bracelet design pays tribute to our beloved families, who we are hugging a little harder these days.

These are all beautifully, handmade, hammered bangles that each have a Sterling Silver leaf that is hand stamped with your loved one's name.  Each bangle "bundle" will be connected together with a large, floral etched ring with a Tree of Life charm that is so symbolic.  We all branch out from our Family Tree, however, we share the same roots.  

You will have your choice of either Sterling Silver bangles or 14kt Gold Filled Bangles.  Each bangle will have a Sterling leaf charm soldered to the bangle and imprinted with ONE name.  Each bangle "bundle" will have a Sterling Silver, Tree of Life Charm that is free-of-charge!  I lightly hammer each bangle to give it an organic look and the Sterling Silver charms are lightly oxidized to enhance the lettering on the surface of these small, leaf charms.

This look is not only beautiful, but when you touch these bangles that slide on your wrist, it will give you great comfort knowing that you are keeping the ones you love near to you no matter where they are!  Let's all remember this time when we went "Back to Family!"

Back to Family - Name on Leaf Bangle Bracelets

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