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We call this our "Blush Flora" Necklace because of the soft pink hues of blush often symbolize grace, elegance, and subtlety.


This handmade, Sterling Silver Flora Charm is dusted with pastel pink enamel yet allows the Sterling to peak through.  The use of enamel adds another layer of artistry to the flower. Enamel is a type of glass coating that is applied to metal or other materials and then fused through a high-temperature firing process. It creates a glossy and durable surface that can enhance the visual appeal of the botanicals we use for our nature-inspired jewelry at Woods and Willow.


We used a gorgeous Australian Moonstone Beaded Chain with not one, but two types of these stones in cream and pastel pink.  These gemstones glisten side by side up the 20" chain.  Picture this necklace with a flowing, floral dress or skirt or just with a v-neck tee and shorts.  Either way, this "Blush Flora" necklace is so uniquely designed, it will make you feel light-hearted and connected to nature because of its ethereal charm!

"Blush Flora" Necklace with Australian Moonstone Chain

  • Recycled Sterling Siver, Handmade Flower Charm, Blush Pink Enamel, Australian Moonstone Beaded Chain, 14kt Gold Filled Lobster Claw Clasp, Garden Inspiration

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