Tree of Life Charms, My Love of Nature, Chalcedony, Turquoise, Precious Metal Clay

This new Woods and Willow handcrafted necklace was Arizona desert inspired. The gemstones I selected have the same earth tones found in the beautiful deserts out west! Turquoise, Butterscotch Chalcedony, Pale Lemon Quartz, a large, faceted Moonstone Pendant and two-toned Sterling Silver and Gold chain are combined to bring the wearer of this one-of-a-kind artisan-inspired beauty, right in the middle of the desert during breathtaking sunsets! The earth-tones hues I used, melt into each other and provide the perfect desert visual meant to provide a moment of relaxation in your day!

This four-layered necklace attaches to adorable Tree of Life charm connectors that attach to a desert sand colored leather cord. This supply cord allows for a variety of lengths -from 16” to 24”. You can knot the cord in the back.

Artisan Necklace inspired by desert colors.....a Woods and Willow piece meant to encourage you to Look Up and embrace nature!

Multi Layer Necklace with Turquoise, Chalcedony and Moonstoneslace