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Our "Desert Turquoise and Vines Cuff" combines a botanical vine design that is raised on the surface of the Sterling Silver providing a backdrop for the Desert Lavender Turquoise stone.  


This artisan combination makes our handmade Woods and Willow cuff perfect for the nature lover who wants an heirloom piece of jewelry that translates their love of the earth!


These unique and vibrant Turquoise stones are relatively new to the market.  While being one of the most coveted turquoise gems out there.  "Lavender" is in its description because the hues of this Turquoise stone, ranges from light blue to blue-lavender tones.

Take a look at the organic-by-intention edging of the Silver cuff that comes from my hand and gives this unique bracelet a ruffled effect.  


At center stage is the mesmerizing, Desert Lavender Turquoise stone that sits high and edged with the thick, Sterling Silver bezel setting.  The cuff is a generous 6" long and about 1/2" wide and has a significant amount of sterling silver in it.  It can be adjusted to fit on most wrists.


PLEASE NOTE:  At Woods and Willow, each handmade piece is one-of-a-kind, especially when a gemstone in its design, because of nature's intention, since every stone is different.

"Desert Turquoise and Vines" Cuff

  • Recycled Sterling Silver, Handmade and Handformed Cuff, Desert Lavender Turquoise Stone, Sterling Silver Bezel Setting

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