The dragonfly symbolizes change in the perspective of self realization and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life. With that symbolism, why not reach into some of that power?

This Fine Silver, Handmade Dragonfly Necklace is so beautiful and unique in that the tail portion is made up of four Rainbow Moonstone rondells interspersed with Sterling Silver Hill Tribe etched beads.

I have lightly oxidized this magnificant Dragonfly, however, if you would like the finish to be bright and shiny, please indicate in the variation menu.

This Fine Silver dragonfly pendant hangs off of a Sterling Silver Chain and hangs approximately 20" with the tail gemstones included.

The graceful wing span is approximately 2" from tip to tip. There is a significant amount of Fine Silver in this stunning pendant, because I needed to add more precious metal clay to the depth of the design in order to capture the fine, lacey details on the wings.

You will love wearing this necklace because of it's beauty as the symbolism of the dragonfly awakens your future!


Sterling Silver Dragonfly Necklace with Rainbow Moonstones

  • PMC3 Clay, Precious Metal Clay, Rainbow Moonstones, Hill Tribe Beads, Sterling Silver Chain