These artisan made earrings were inspired from a walk I took into the forest after a mid-day rain shower. Raindrops that illuminated sunlight from the surface of the leaves they clung onto, made me think how pretty these would be for earring designs. So, I'm calling these earrings "Golden Raindrops"!

These beauties hang about 2" from the earlobe. The handmade leaf charms are highly polished with a slight patina that provides a nice contrast against the warmth of the 22kt Gold I used to accent those adorable raindrops.

These earrings would go perfect with either your Silver or Gold Necklaces, and even wearing all at the same time!

As with all of my Woods and Willow jewelry, my creations are meant to inspire YOU, the wearer to Look Up from your phones and busy lives, if only for a minute, and breathe in the beauty and calmness of nature that is always surrounding us yet seldom notice.

Golden Raindrops Silver and Gold Leaf Earrings

  • Gold, Silver