I felt as if I stepped back in time as I entered this small boutique that had artifacts and unique offerings. These hand-carved Lapis flowers caught my eye immediately! They are very rudimentary and I love that rough-cut charm they have, like I just picked them out of a treasure chest!

These beauties hang about 2 3/4" from the Sterling Silver earwire that has a small berry at the tip, adding to the Old World allure of these earrings. And fluttering at the tip of these floral charms are Sterling Silver Olive leaves. These handmade, Olive leaves are so petite with only the center vein being its characteristic. The Olive leaf symbolizes peace and the Lapis stone symbolizes the universal symbol of wisdom. These earrings are not only beautiful but could resonate the wisdom of peace and something we should all have a hand in spreading!

I also made a necklace that would complement these adorable earrings. The link is below for your convenience:

My Special Message to You:
My pieces are designed for the woman with taste for Sterling, handcrafted jewelry that has meaning, high quality workmanship with an organic look! Every piece in my Woods ad Willow collections has a kiss from nature that I hope encourages the wearer to Look Up from their phones and busy lives, and breathe in the glory and harmony of nature!

Hand Carved Lapis Flower Earrings with Sterling Leaves

  • Silver, Stone

    Gemstone: Lapis lazuli