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Wow!  This Woods and Willow design, we went all out!  Four layers make up this beautiful, statement necklace.  At the top is a Sterling Silver chain with a handmade heart charm, followed by a gorgeous, bezel set Larimar Gemstone chain.  Next up is a string of Grey, Freshwater Pearls that add soft luster to this design.  The longest layer is a Sterling Silver Paperclip chain that has a hand formed, Heart Charm with a beautiful, Larimar Faceted Stone at its center.  Look at the botanical motif on the perimeter of this heart charm and a handmade Flower at the tip of the heart adds a feminine touch to this statement necklace!  Everything about this design represents artisan design at its finest.  Hand formed connectors transition the four layers to the leather strip.

The softest, Grey Deer Skin Leather finishes off this beautiful, Woods and Willow necklace.  Details are important and one detail you shouldn't miss is the center drilled Larimar stone that is wrapped around the leather ends. 


The length of the necklace can be worn anywhere from 18" - 36" because of the leather tie closure in the back.

The soft, greyish-blue color palette is soothing to the eye and compliments the beauty of the many Larimar gemstones used in this unique design!

Larimar Love Multi-Strand Artisan Necklace

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Sterling Silver, Larimar Gemstones, Handmade Heart Charms, Sterling Silver Chains, Grey Deerskin Leather, Grey Freshwater Pearls

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