Sterling Silver Statement Cuff with Labradorite and Angelica Leaves

To say that this artisan-made cuff bracelet has a lot of silver is an understatement! The base of this Sterling cuff is 1" wide by 6" long. I lightly hammered the metal to give it that organic, mottled look. I then sorted through hundreds of my leaf castings and landed on these Angelica leaves. The surface of this leaf is so deep and groved for a leaf this size. I layered them and arranged them around one gorgeous, flasshing, blue-green Labradorite that sits there on it's throne at the center of it all!

The cuff fits just about all wrists and can be easily adjusted to your wrist size by gently squeezing the cuff ends together for that perfect fit! This is a statement cuff, but if you are a layering queen like me, go right ahead and stack them with other cuffs from my Woods and Willow collection or treasures of your own! Wear what you love!

Labradorites not only are beautiful because they flash their green, blues and chartruse colors at every turn, but because of the symbolism they carry. These gemstones have been known for centuries to calm an overactive mind and energize the imagination to bring in new ideas. Labradorite and the third eye chakra will stimulate your inner awareness and bring you closer to discovering your true self.

In one of the photos, I have shown earrings that would add to the great artistic look of this cuff. Below is the link to these earrings, for your convenience.

My Special Message to You:
The sentiment behind my Woods and Willow organic, nature-inspired jewelry creations is to encourage the wearer to LOOK UP from their phones, computers and busy lives, and notice the beauty of nature that is always surrounding us yet rarely seen!

Sterling Silver Statement Cuff with Labradorite and Angelica Leaves

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