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This open and airy cuff is entirely made of Sterling Silver that is etched in a botanical motif, a perfect backdrop for our Meadows Cuff!  The glorious, Green Kyanite with soft streaks of mossy green hues and blues glisten atop a hand formed Silver disc that is "ruffled" in an organic-by-intention design.  It is a standard 6" cuff that can be adapted to sit perfectly on your wrist by gently squeezing the ends of the cuff.  It is about 1/2" wide, with the center disc holding the bezel set stone at about 3/4" at its widest point. 


Feel the power of this beautiful stone!  It is usually used for rest and meditation. It helps serenity and nervous system. The Green Kyanite stone can free you from heavy loads and constraints.


Not only is this a beautiful bracelet that exudes tranquility, but it reminds us of being in the middle of a green meadow and basking in the visual glory of nature!

Meadows Cuff

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Sterling Silver Patterned Wire, Green Kyanite Stone, Sterling Silver Bezel Setting

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