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Few things are as endearing as a mother and daughter wearing jewelry that depicts their family connections.  These Mother/Daughter bracelets are part of our Woven Willows collection.  I used silk cords in several colors that have identical flower charms that are all handmade in recycled, Sterling Silver with a 22kt Genuine Gold Accent in the middle of the flower.  


The Mother bracelet is wider and is hand loomed long enough to fit just about every wrist.  There are Sterling Silver bead caps that are glued securely on the ends of the loomed ties and there is a darling, Sterling Silver flower ring that holds the ends securely to your wrist.  


The Daughter bracelet is narrower and is hand braided of silk cords from India that correspond with the color of the Mother bracelet.  The flowers are a bit smaller in size and are handmade of recycled, Sterling Silver with a 22kt Genuine Gold Center.


Color Choices:
Apple Green
Pink and Green
Purple and Pink


These adorable Mother/Daughter or Grandmother/Grandaughter bracelets come packaged together, are priced for two and personify the deep connections we have between family members.  They make amazing gifts!  Please select your color choice in the drop down menu.

Mother/Daughter Woven Bracelets with Silver and Gold Charm

  • Handmade Sterling Silver and 22kt Genuine Gold Accented Floral Charm, Hand Woven Silk Cords from India, Sterling Silver End Caps

    Sterling Silver Floral Rings

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