This Woods and Willow necklace has five layers and each one is a delight to the eyes! I wanted this color palette to be soft yet colorful, so I chose the soothing, earthy green hues of Prehnite and Peridot to go side by side with the organic colors of natural Turquoise.

The longest layer is wire-wrapped Turquoise stones with a trio of gorgeous, faceted Prehnites that are tipped with Peridot and flanked with small leaves handmade out of Sterling Silver. The second layer is a Sterling Silver linked chain that is organic-by-intention. Third layer is a handmade chain of round links interpersed with Turquoise stones. The next layer is Turquoise nuggets that lead to a center of Hill Tribe beads and Peridot stones. The top and shortest layer is a free form "leaf" design that is pressed with Dogwood surface to give it a rich, earthy appeal.

Every component of this statement necklace is handmade and the overall look is very boho and unique! The connectors also have that same Dogwood leaf motif on the surface. I used khaki colored leather strips that tie in the back at any length you choose from as long as 30 inches..

Multi Layer Turquoise and Prehnite Necklace

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Turquoise Stones, Sterling Silver Chain, Prehnite Beads, Peridot Beads, Leather Cord, Handmade Charms, Hill Tribe Sterling Beads