Three layers of soft-green colored gemstones gather round to make up this Woods and Willow multi-layered necklace.....Chrysoprase and Prehnites galore! The longest layer has Silver wired Apple-Green Chrysoprase stones, that are faceted and oval shaped that showcase a Sterling Silver, handmade charm that is made from a Queen Anne's Lace Flower bud. These beautiful, lacy flowers are like small sunbursts with white buds! The Sterling Silver connectors are also pressed with the same Queen Anne's Lace Flower motif adding to the cohesive design of this one-of-a-kind piece.

The symbolic meaning for Queen Anne's Lace is that it represents sanctuary. It grows quite easily as a wildflower as its seeds spread easily and quickly in the wind, leaving many new flowers

This whimsical and colorful, woodland necklace can be worn at any length up to 26" long by simply attaching the lobster claw clasp to different links on the chain, which makes it very versatile to wear with any neckline.

I also made earrings and a layered bracelet to coordinate with the necklace.

Multi Layered Artisan Necklace with Queen Anne's Lace Charm and Chrysoprase

  • Silver