We love how this Cartouche-like necklace turned out!  The handmade charm itself is 2" long and is in two sections.  The top section is a curve top Mandala design with a small, Turquoise Cabachon bezel set in the center.  It connects to the bottom charm with a Hill Tribe Silver tube from which a Sterling Silver wire that is balled up on either end fits through.


The bottom charm is a hand-etched, Tree of Life charm that is organic-by-intention and adds a tribal feel to this bohemian styled necklace!  The raised portions of both charms are accented in 22kt Genuine Gold giving it a rich, two-toned effect.


We chose a Sterling Silver Paperclip chain that you can choose from either 24" or 26" in length, making this the perfect necklace to wear either alone, or layered with other Woods and Willow creations!

Nature Cartouche Necklace with Turquoise Stone

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Natural Turquoise Cabachon, Handmade Sterling Silver charms, Tree of Life Charm, Hill Tribe Silver Tube, Sterling Silver Heavy Wire, Sterling Silver Paperclip Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, My Love of Trees, Cartouche Inspiration