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This Nature's Cross is organically designed in Woods and Willow's earthy style! The Sterling Silver charm is all handmade and each element is artistically positioned. Front row, center is a woodland trio of leaves found deep within the forest. At the top of this 1 1/2" long charm is a five-point star that is accented in 22kt Genuine Gold, on the bottom is a sunray imprint along with a crescent moon both of which are Gold. And at the bottom are two debossed stars. The overall look is rustic, however the fine workmanship and shiny surface, give it a polished look.

Our Nature's Cross hangs a total of 30" long from either a Chocolate Brown or Black Leather Cord that you can select from the variation menu. I made a sliding knot on the back of the necklace with two small Silver beads at the ends allowing you to adjust the length to your liking.

On the back of the cross, I put my special message - "Look Up". The sentiment behind my Woods and Willow organic jewelry creations is to encourage the wearer to LOOK UP from their phones, computers and busy lives, and notice the beauty of nature that is always surrounding us yet rarely seen!

Sterling and Gold Nature's Cross Necklace

Leather Color
  • Silver, Gold, Leather

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