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Do you remember playing on the Ouija Board as a child?  It was all in good fun as you and your playing partner placed your fingertips on the edge of the heart shaped planchette and asked the board questions.  The answers were spelled out letter by letter as the planchette moved around the board.


This handmade necklace is a shoutout to all the memories playing this board game.   The Ouija pendant is an exact duplicate of what is used on the game board.  It is made of Sterling Silver and the eye part is accented in 22kt Genuine Gold, giving this pendant a beautiful, two-toned effect.

I love the chain that this pendant is suspended from!  It is Sterling Silver and some parts are heavily oxidized and other parts are highly polished, giving this chain a glistening look, which is perfect for the subject matter of the pendant.


I have a few lengths that you can choose from in the variation menu.  The photos depict this beauty at 28" long.


If you want a conversation piece along with a beautiful handmade necklace, this Ouija Board Necklace might be reaching out to you!

Ouija Board Necklace in Sterling Silver and Gold

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Ouija Board Memories, Handmade Sterling Silver and Gold Accented Ouija Planchette, 22kt Genuine Gold Accent, Sterling Silver Anchor Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp

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