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This Woods and Willow necklace design is airy, feminine and lacey! The inspiration for this piece is my attraction to both botanical and Mendala shapes. So I combined both into Precious Metal Clay (which transforms into solid, Sterling Silver when fired in my kiln for hours) and loved the outcome. Lots of detailing in the Sterling of which I added patina to sink into the lower points on the surface to accentuate and add depth. The scalloped edging is what gives it the feminine and lacey effect, which I accented in 22kkt Genuine Gold because I love two-toned jewelry.

As you can see from the photos, I offer two chain styles. Both chains are unique and give this 1 1/2" long, Mendala charm an old-world feel. One is Sterling Silver with little balls of Gold interspersed and the second one is a linked chain that is also Sterling Silver with a Gold Plated overlay that has been lightly filed off the edges so that the Silver peeks through. With either chain, you can't go wrong. I also offer several lengths from the variation menu. 

This necklace is the perfect addition to layering other necklaces from my other Woods and Willow collections.

My Special Message to You:
The sentiment behind my Woods and Willow organic jewelry creations is to encourage the wearer to LOOK UP from their phones, computers and busy lives, and notice the beauty and calmness of nature that is always surrounding us yet rarely seen!

Scalloped Artisan Necklace

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