This necklace feels so special when you put it on. The lighthearted nature of the Daisy flower comes through and also the details on this handcrafted Woods and Willow botanical charm is soothing to the touch as well! I hand cut the petals out of Precious Metal Clay and carefully layered them on top of the first layer of Sterling. I love the beaded design of the bail and the circumference of this organically, round charm. I added 22kt Genuine Gold accents around the edges of the charm to further contrast these fine details.

What's eye catching about this necklace is the Gold center representing that vibrant, yellow center of the iconic Daisy flower we all fell in love with as children!

This cheerful, artistic interpretation of a daisy comes with a 30" Chocolate Brown Leather Cord or Black Leather Cord, whatever you choose from the variation menu.

My Special Message to You:
The sentiment behind my Woods and Willow organic, nature-inspired jewelry creations is to encourage the wearer to LOOK UP from their phones, computers and busy lives, and notice the beauty of nature that is always surrounding us yet rarely seen!

Silver and Gold Daisy Necklace on Leather Cord

  • Gold, Silver