This is a butterfly....but not in the true sense. It is my interpretation of what a butterfly would look like if it were made from Ginkgo leaves and branches. As with all of my Woods and Willow pieces, this is completely handmade.

I used real Ginkgo leaves in their original form, dredged them in Precious Metal Clay that transcends into solid Sterling Silver once fired in my kiln. I molded both leaves to a Ginkgo branch I accented in 22kt Genuine Gold and formed this organic, butterfly made from botanical elements that is not only fun and whimsical but is beautifully unique.

The Ginkgo leaf surface is slightly oxidized to enhance those great vertical veins unique to these leaves. I love the gossamer wing shape of these leaves that are symbolic with longevity since the Ginkgo tree is the oldest tree known to mankind that is still in existence today.

This charm hangs from a beautiful, Sterling Silver, Rolo Chain that is attached to rings soldered on the tips of the wings. The necklace depicted in the photos hangs at 18", however, I love offering flexibility to my customers and since all of my pieces are made to order at the time of your purchase, I can make this beauty any length you choose from the variation menu I have provided.

Silver and Gold Ginkgo Leaf Butterfly Necklace

  • Silver, Gold