These are classic Woods and Willow earrings. Long, elegant leaf earrings beginning from slender leaves that were carefully plucked from a Black Willow Tree. I just love the deep central vein on the underside of these leaves along with the meticulously-spaced, arched veins that fan out from the center.

These Willow leaves were carefully pressed into Precious Metal Clay that when refined and fired in my kiln at 1650 degrees for two hours, transforms into solid Sterling Silver Clay with high, .950 silver content. I lightly oxidized the Silver surface so that the fine details were more enhanced.

They hang just under 3" from Sterling Silver Ear Wires and transform your day from jeans and a white tee shirt casual to a dressier outfit for dinner and drinks!

Sterling Silver Willow Leaf Earrings

  • My Love of Willow Leaves, Precious Metal Clay, Sterling Silver Ear Wires, Real Willow Leaves, The Beauty of Nature