This long, slender necklace lures the mind to the glory of warm, sunset hues of gold, amber and greens! A trio of botanical delight consisting of faceted Amber, a Sterling Silver handmade Leaf Charm and a Turquoise stone, hang from a 34" natural, Turquoise beaded chain. This Woods and Willow necklace looks great alone, or would also look great layered with other nature-inspired pieces in my collection!

Every piece I create is kissed with an element from nature, a leaf, branch, tree, moon, sun, stone, flower, etc. and carries a special message to you. And that is to "Look Up" from your phones, computers and busy lives, if only for a moment......and slowly breath in the calmness of nature that is always surrounding us, yet seldom noticed! Try may never look down again! :)

Silver Leaf Necklace on Turquoise Beaded Chain with Amber Stone

  • Silver