I love designing two-sided necklaces. It adds versatility and interest to your wardrobe. I made this celestial necklace with one side depicting the day and the other side depicting the mystery of the night. Added artistic interest is added by a "puffed" center on each side.

A vibrant sunburst with warm, Gold rays that are accented in 22kt Gold with a Sunface at its center is how I interpreted daytime. The night depiction is a crater surface with a large crescent moon and three sparkling Gold stars. The Sterling Silver and Gold charm has a substantial amount of Silver and is about 1 1/4" in diameter.

The handmade bail I made at the top is a coil from which a soft, supple leather cord is pulled through. You have your choice of 5 leather colors as you see from the variation menu: Blue, Black, Grey, Brown and Caramel. These leather cords are all 36" in length and can be easily knotted to whatever length you choose.

Sterling Silver and Gold Sunburst and Moon Reversible Necklace

Leather Color
  • Silver, Leather