Nature is is what it is. You go outside, look around, and what you see is transparent....all out in front of games here. Why don't we apply this lesson from nature to our own lives? That's what I hope to convey though the simple design of these handmade, Sterling earrings. Sun, tree, sky and mountains.......all available for the visual enjoyment and calming effect....with no ulterior motive.

These beauties will be your go-to earrings! They hang about 2 1/4" from the earlobe and are perfect for everyday with a teeshirt and jeans or wearing a dress. I shaped the Sterling into a domed shape to add to the artisan feel of the organic, nature-loving theme of these Woods and Willow earrings. The smooth surface is imprinted with mountains, a pine tree and an illuminating sunburst that I accented with 22kt Genuine Gold. I love two-toned jewelry, which not only provides contrast, but is versatle to wear with either Gold or Silver pieces in my collections, or already in your treasure trove!

The heavily oxidized chain is Sterling Silver, which is attached to Sterling Silver leverback earrings, making it so easy to put on and take off.

As with all my Woods and Willow jewelry, I add a kiss of nature to my designs, to encourage and remind the wearer to Look Up from your phones and busy lives and embrace the power, calmness and magnificence of nature that is forever around us, yet seldom seen! Look Up!

Sterling Silver Mountain Earrings

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