Wish Upon a Star! This handcrafted necklace reminds me of star gazing with the dark contrast of mountain peaks in the distance. It's calming and relaxing to look UP, and breathe in the tranquility of nature and not down at our phones or computers. That's the vision of my Woods and Willow pieces......to encourage my wearers to do just that.

This petite, Sterling and Gold necklace is a handmade charm that is a bit over 1/2" in diameter and hangs off of a rectangular, Sterling Silver link chain. The necklace depicted in the photos, is 16" long but I can make your necklace at any length in the variation menu. I love the contrast of the cool Sterling against the 22kt Gold Stars that twinkle from above that add to the serene mystery of this design.

Wish Upon a Star.......in Gold and Silver.......Look up and enjoy nature!

Sterling Silver Star Gazer Necklace

  • Gold, Silver