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Samaras, better known as "helicopters" are seed pods that fall from Maple trees.  When they fall, they twirl around in the breeze in a playful fashion.  I loved these as a child and still love them now and wanted to immortalize them in solid, Sterling Silver!  These handmade beauties are approximately 2" wide.  Take a look at the delicate veins on the surface that are accentuated with light oxidation.  This Samaras charm hangs off of a Sterling Silver, oval etched chain and the necklace is 18" long.


As if that's not enough beauty, I've added the result of these seed pods, which is a Maple leaf.  This leaf charm is Sterling Silver and is encrusted with tiny, genuine Diamonds.  I love how this adorable leaf charm adds depth and sparkle to this classic nature design!

Wear this alone or with other longer necklaces you already have or from our Woods and Willow necklace collections that are also nature inspired.

Sterling Samaras Necklace with Diamond Maple Leaf

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Handmade Samaras Charm, Diamond Maple Leaf Charm, Sterling Silver Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, Nature Inspiration

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