These Woods and Willow earrings make me smile!  They are cheerful and radiate happiness.  I call them my Sunflower Sunrise earrings because the motif on the bottom of the larger charm could be either a Sun or a section of a bright and cheery Sunflower!  

These charms are totally hand formed starting with Precious Metal Clay!  These are a two-charm earring design that are solid, Sterling Silver after the Precious Metal Clay is fired in my kiln.  The lower charm is slightly domed and the petals or sunrays are accented in warm, 22kt Genuine Gold accents.  Gold is also at the center of the smaller charm.  Raised dots are another element I find appealing in designing my jewelry.  They hang from Sterling Silver earwires, one having a brass star and the other a brass crescent moon charm.  These ear wires add a celestial accent.  


I love designing two-toned jewelry, because this gives you the option to wear with both precious metals at the same time.  Think about pairing these earrings with Gold or Silver studs, if you have extra holes in your ears. These beauties hang about 2" from your earlobe and the larger charm is 3/4" in circumference.


These are fabulous everyday earrings that add a touch of style to your casual wear!

Sterling Silver and Gold Sunflower Sunrise Earrings

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Sterling Silver Earwires with Brass Moon and Star, Sterling Silver Jumprings, Handmade Domed Charms