At Woods and Willow, we love designing jewelry with Willow leaves!  


These long, slender leaves lend themselves to a feminine earring that elongates the neck and dangle gracefully.  These nature earrings are made from Sterling Silver and are from an actual Weeping Willow leaf.  These leaves are pressed into Precious Metal Clay, that is the perfect medium to capture the faint veining on the undersides of these Willow leaves.  When fired for hours in my kiln, these transcend into Solid Sterling Silver that is .960, even more pure than the usual .925 that you see in other silver jewelry.

I added a coil in the center that is accented with 22kt Genuine Gold adding a rich, mixed metal look.  Dangling from the tip of these slender leaves, are small acorn-like beads.

We also have a long, Willow necklace that would look great with these earrings available on this site.

Sterling Silver and Gold Weeping Willow Earrings with Silver Drop

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Silver, Real Willow Leaves, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Sterling Silver Ear Wires, Silver Beaded Drops, My Love of Willow Leaves