This whimsical, handcrafted Atlas Moth Necklace is not only a beautiful piece of talisman jewelry, but it also begs us to learn more about this graceful creature! This moth symbolizes rebirth and immortality on account of their ability to heal their skin. I love how their wings are delicately turned down at the tips making their shape very artistic in my eyes.

You know how I love making Sterling and Gold jewelry, so of course, I adorned the outer sculpted edges of the delicate Atlas moth in 22kt Genuine Gold. I handmade the two bails in patterned wire from which the Sterling Silver beaded chain slips through, making this handmade nature charm more fluid on the neck. The body of the moth is from Precious Metal Clay that is soft and pliable, making it the perfect medium for capturing the delicate details of this creature. When fired in my kiln at 1650 degrees for 2 hours, the clay transforms into solid, Sterling Silver that is more pure than what you would find in other jewelry.

This chain is 18" in the photos, however, I can make this any length you so choose from my variation menu. I love layering necklaces, so this is a perfect piece to layer with other nature-inspired necklaces from my Woods and Willow collections or other beauties you have in your own treasure trove.

As with any of my pieces, my mission is to design and craft jewelry from nature to inspire you, the wearer, to Look Up from your phones, computers and busy lives - from time to time - and just breathe in the beauty of the world outside our little silos.

Sterling Silver and Gold Atlas Moth Necklace

  • Gold, Silver