Nature is not only beautiful, but it is symbolic and we can learn from its messages. Perfect example is the butterfly. This graceful creature symbolizes rebirth and something we should all aspire to, despite any age. This adorable, handmade Butterfly necklace is handmade from Sterling Silver clay, that captured the unique wing markings, which I oxidized to further enhance the details. I sued a multi-gemstone chain that has rich, royal colors from Amethyst, Lapis, Garnet and Carnelian. This necklace in the photo, hangs about 18 inches,. but since all of my Woods and Willow pieces are made to order, I can make your necklace to any length from the variation menu.

So if you are aspiring to change yourself or know someone that needs a little inspiration, this is the perfect necklace for you!

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace with Gemstone Beaded Chain

  • Stone

    Gemstone: Amethyst