Daisies.......probably the first flowers we recognized as children. The most notable symbolic meanings of the daisy are innocence, purity, and clarity. The bright colors of the Daisy evokes and image of freshness. The clean white color of the petals are a powerful chakra. Daisies make us smile!

This is a handmade Sterling Silver and 22kt Gold cuff that is so adorable and easily layered with other Silver or Gold cuffs in my Woods and Willow shop or in your own treasure chest!

The handcrafted Daisies on either end of the sturdy, Sterling Silver wire are almost 3/4" in diameter and are so realistic from the grooved details of the petals and the center of the Daisy. The bright yellow center of the Daisy is represented in 22kt Genuine Gold and is a elegant contrast to the Silver petals surrounding it. I lightly oxidized the petals so that the patina settled in the groves of the petals giving it even more enhancement.

This cuff fits just about every wrist because it is 6 1/2" around from tip to tip and can be adjusted by gently squeezing it to fit your wrist. The inside diameter is 2 1/2" wide. Should you need a special size, please convo me and I'll be happy to customize just for you.

My Special Message to You:
The sentiment behind my Woods and Willow organic jewelry creations is to encourage the wearer to LOOK UP from their phones, computers and busy lives, and notice the beauty of nature that is always surrounding us yet rarely seen!

Sterling Silver Daisy Cuff

  • Gold, Silver