I have a beautiful Dogwood Tree in my front yard. I absolutely love when the tree blooms those gorgeous flowers! This necklace is a tribute to beauty and symbolism of Dogwood flowers. In nature, Dogwood is hard and durable and it resists scrapes easily. This sturdy nature gives the Dogwood Spirit additional symbolic values including strength, protection and a firm will. This Woods and Willow necklace design showcases the beautiful blush colors of these flowers.

This multi-layered necklace has bohemian vibes and has many different gemstones like Rose Quartz, Congo Tourmaline, Rose Chalcedony that each blend their rosey hues and glisten at every turn! I added a touch of luster with hazy, green Freshwater pearls and a larger, grey Pearl at the center. The necklace has handmade, Sterling Silver charms of Dogwood leaves and the connectors are made from Dogwood blossoms. I love the vertical veining and how these four-petal flowers are puffed and wrinkled.

The total length of this beauty is 28". Overall, the look of this Dogwood Blossom Necklace is a boho feel with soft, blush colors that showcases the beauty of the Dogwood blossom.

Sterling Silver Dogwood Blossom Necklace

  • Precious Metal Clay, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Dogwood Blossoms, Dogwood Leaves, Rose Quartz, Congo Tourmaline, Rose Chalcedony, Silverite Beaded Chain, Freshwater Pearls