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I love Sterling Silver Cuff bracelets and the fluidity of chain bracelets too! But when you combine both attributes, you come up with the perfect wrist accessory - we call it the "Cufflet"! You can have the best of both worlds with the sleek look of a molded cuff against your wrist, with the graceful movement of a chain bracelet with this Woods and Willow design.

This gorgeous piece is completely handmade from raw materials, such as Sterling Silver rod, Precious Metal Clay and Sterling Silver Rolo Chain. I love the hammered surface of this 5/16" wide Sterling Cuff with it's Moroccan charm, kissed with a precious Ruby Stone Cabachon that is bezel set in the center. Because every detail matters to me with my designs, I spend a lot of time on the "suitcase" handles on the tips of the Sterling Silver cuff. They are made of Silver with a floral motif and a handle for the chain. The Rolo chain is smooth as silk and glides effortlessly along the Silicone Bead that easily adjusts to your wrist. This chain is long enough for just about every wrist.

I have tipped the ends of this sturdy chain with Silver beads that sway and add movement to your wrist, but you hardly ever feel it!



As you can see from the photos, I have shown this with my everyday bracelet stack, so you can see how gorgeous this looks with other pieces. But of course, this beauty can stand on its own!

Sterling Silver Gemstone Adjustable Cufflet

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Moroccan Inspiration, Sterling Silver Rolo Chain, Silver Silicone Cinch Bead, Silver Bead Tips, Sterling Silver Bezel Setting, Genuine Ruby Cabachon

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