These beauties hang about 3 1/4" from the earlobe from Sterling Silver ear wires that have a small, berry-like bead at the tip.

Sterling Silver Willow leaves that were handmade from real leaves from my Weeping Willow tree, are highly polished and dangle gracefully from a Gemstone charm above.  The Gemstone charm is Sterling Silver, etched in a floral motif and has a small, oval Hessonite Garnet bezel set in the center.  I love the rich, hues of a Hessonite Garnet!  Embrace how this color can be worn just like any neutral......wear it with black, greys, creams, browns and the list goes on and on.

These are slender, boho earrings that add style and an artistic vibe to anything you are wearing!

Sterling Silver Hessonite Garnet and Willow Leaf Earrings

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Handmade Willow Leaf charms from real Willow leaves, Hessonite Garnet Cabachons, Sterling Silver Ear Wires