There is nothing more soothing to the eyes than the hazy, cool hues of the Labradorite gemstone! Those shades of blue, gray and green just glisten at every turn. This gorgeous, artisan bracelet will be uniquely made for you at the time of your order. Therefore, every stone will be similar, and one-of-a-kind.

The Sterling Silver I used for this 1 1/4" oval charm, has a beautiful leafy, botanical etching that is accentuated by the dark patina that sinks into the crevices really pulling out the details. The top quality Labradorite gemstone I used is oval in shape and has a honeycomb cut on the surface. The leather used is a beautiful, mossy green/blue color that works perfectly with the stone. At the ends are magnetic clasps that are easy to use yet sturdy.

Please note that in one of the photos, I show the bracelet worn with my other stacking pieces, however, this listing is for the Labradorite bracelet only.

I offer several finished lengths for this bracelet, because every piece of Woods and Willow jewelry is made especially for you because we believe you deserve to be treated special!!

Sterling Silver Labradorite and Leather Bracelet

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Botanical Inspiration, Handmade Oval Charm, Top Quality Labradorite, Sterling Silver Bezel Setting, Blue-Green Leather, Magnetic Clasp