This is a new Woods and Willow cuff design. I used solid Sterling Silver wire as the basis for the cuff. I used a real Yarrow leaf that I carefully pressed into Precious Metal Clay, which is a great medium for capturing all those "frilly" unique details that only a Yarrow Leaf has. To add interest and beauty, I added a 22kt Genuine Gold coil that gracefully runs the length of the leaf. I love the contrast of the oxidized surface of the Sterling Leaf against the glow of the Gold. You can wear this with any of your Silver or Gold bracelets for a stacked, boho look!

This is a standard 6" cuff which will fit most sizes. It is easily adjustable, by simply squeezing the ends together to make it smaller or vice versa to make it larger. For comfort and a finished look, I soldered Sterling Silver beads on the ends. The Yarrow Leaf itself is 2 1/4" long that sits nicely on the top of the wrist.

Woods and Willow is all about the language of leaves and in ancient times, it is believed that the Yarrow leaf brings good health to the wearer. What a great gift for someone who is recovering or just loves the look of this feminine leaf!

Sterling Silver and Gold Fern Leaf Cuff

  • Gold, Silver