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This magnificent cuff has captured my heart! It exudes boho chic style and showcases the beautiful, Monarch Opal stone that sits high and majestic on top of this Sterling Silver hammered cuff. The cuff is about 1" wide and I have hammered the surface and "crusted" the edging to give it an old world appeal. The two handmade charms are in a Moroccan inspired shape and flank either side of the Monarch Opal. Look at this gorgeous Opal! it has beautiful azure, green and lavendar shades and unique dark "branches" that are in the stone. The surface of the organic shaped backplate has delicate leaf etchings and the stone is encircled with flat, hammered Sterling beaded coil that adds a true artisan flair to this unique cuff design. Please know that every stone will be slightly different but will have the same hues that are found in Monarch Opals.

This cuff measures 6" long with is the standard size for cuffs to fit most wrists. It can be squeezed, once on, to fit snugly against your wrist.

It can sure stand on it's own, but as you can see from the photo, it can easily be stacked with other beauties to satisfy the gypsy in all of us!

Sterling Silver Monarch Opal Cuff Bracelet

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Monarch Opal, Handmade Moroccan Silver Charms, Sterling Silver Bezel Setting, Sterling Silver Solder, Sterling Silver Beaded Wire, Moroccan Inspiration

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