This handmade necklace showcases the Monstera leaf from a plant that is certainly retro because it has been famous for years and is making another comeback!

It is all handmade from Sterling Silver and has an artistic coil of small Sterling beads that travel down the center vein. The pendant itself with the bail is about 2 3/4" long and hangs from a Sterling Silver Paper Clip chain that is 34" long. I do offer several length options. I added some gorgeous, opulent Labradorite stones in carved leaf and teardrop shapes drizzled to one side of the chain adding an asymmetrical feel to this handcrafted, botanical necklace.

Some interesting facts about the Monstera plant.......the holes have a practical purpose for the plant; it helps the plant to survive. In the rainforest where they are prevalent, high wind and heavy rain are not unusual; thanks to the holes the leaves don’t break because the wind goes through the holes. Because of this, Monstera is a symbol for a long life.

So let's think about nature's symbolic learnings to be had.....when things happen to get you down and "break" you, those experiences actually make you stronger and more apt to withstand hard times. Nature is always around us.....let's notice the beauty and learn from the symbolisms!

Sterling Silver Monstera Leaf Neckace with Labradorite Stones

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Labradorite Gemstones, Sterling Silver Paperclip Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, Real Monstera Leaf