This simplistic necklace design portrays a vast expanse of nature! It is a handmade, Sterling Silver pendant that is organic by intention and has mountains and pine trees with a 22kt Gold Accented Crescent moon that is suspended in the cool night air. If you look closely, you will see that it hangs in a "cinched" fashion from larger oval links from which an oxidized Sterling Silver chain slips through. This design has an interesting and unique way of hanging on your neck. For even more artistic appeal, I added a small twinkling 14kt Gold star that dangles in between these larger loops and suspends on top of the mountain charm.

The photos depict an 18" chain, however, I can make this into three different lengths as you can see from the variation menu.

So if you are a nature lover, this small handmade charm may remind you of a special moment in time when you were gazing at the moon that illuminated a magical mountain scene! Capture the memory!

Sterling Silver and Gold Mountain Necklace