No falling down or ashes here! This is my "Pocket Full of Posies" Bracelet Trio! These are all handmade from raw Sterling Silver and each one is unique and adds distinct texture to the set. You can order them individually - OR - you can order the entire set of three and get a FREE FLOWER CHARM that attaches to one of the bangles for a true boho vibe!

Option #1 - A Silver continuous ring of small flowers - $70.00
Option #2 - A Silver Floral Motif Bangle with three large, oval Natural Turquoise Stones - $120.00
Option #3 - A Hammered Sterling Bangle with small flowers, leaves and Natural Turquoise Stones - $85
OR - You can purchase all three beauties with a FREE charm - $275.00!


I offer three sizes:
Small - 2.25" diameter
Medium - 2.50" diameter
Large - 2.75" diameter

Sterling Silver Pocket Full of Posies Bracelets, Floral Bracelets

  • Sterling Silver Bangle Wire, Handmade Leaves and Small Flowers, Sterling Silver Floral Bangle Wire, My Love of Flowers, Natural Turquoise Cabachons, Sterling Silver Bezel Settings