I call this my "Reflections" Bracelet. To reflect is something we should all practice on a regular basis. Think first about how a statement or action will translate to another.....pause to reflect....look at things from the opposite perspective.....look at life at a different angle. All aspects of this world are multi-faceted and we need to look at life from all sides before forming opinions too readily.

The intent of this Woods and Willow bracelet design is to encourage the wearer to reflect and practice this lesson from nature. It is a handmade interpretation of trees along the lake and the beautiful reflection on the water. It is two identical charms that are a mirror image of one another. So whichever way you wear the cuff, it will always be facing in the right direction! It is one of those bracelets that will attract attention because it is so unique. I also added a crescent moon that is accented in 22kt Genuine Gold that adds warmth to the night sky.

The charm itself is about 1 1/2" wide and about 1" high and is horizontally oriented and is in a unique, Mandala shape. This charm is soldered onto a handmade, concave Sterling Silver cuff that is 1/2" wide and is hammered to give it rustic texture. Cuffs are 6: in length and fit most sized wrists. They can be squeezed slightly to adapt to your wrist once on.

I hope this Woods and Willow creation transcends the tranquility of looking at reflections on a lake and pondering at the symbolism of how the same image can look so different from a different vantage point.

In one of the photos, I have two necklaces that are in my Woods and Willow Reflections collection. They are also available in this shop!

Learn from nature and apply it to your life's journey!

Sterling Silver Reflections Cuff

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Sterling Concave Cuff, Reflections Symbolism, Sterling Silver Chain


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