These classic Woods and Willow earrings showcase beautiful, Sage leaves with their unique "puffed" surface. Take a look at the botanical surface of these leaves, which I lightly oxidized to further enhance their beauty. These Sage Leaf charms are about 1 1/2" and in total, these beauties hang about 2 1/4" from your earlobe off of the Sterling Silver Ear wires.

As if these leaves aren't gorgeous enough I added beautiful, translucent Labradorites that are hand-carved in leaf designs. I love using Labradorites in my Woods and Willow designs because these stones vibrantly flash lavendar, grey, greens and blue tones at every turn.

Sterling Silver Sage Leaf Earrings with Hand-Carved Labradorite Leaf Stones

  • Precious Metal Clay, Sterling Silver, Real Sage Leaves, Sage Leaf Charms, Hand-Carved Labradorite Leaf Stones, Sterling Silver Ear Wires, My Love of Sage Leaves