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Sun Lover? Moon Lover? Can't decide? With this Woods and Willow celestial necklace you don't have to! Wear them both. I love the rustic, organic-by-intent look of this bohemian charm necklace and using both Sterling and Gold metals into my designs. Two-toned jewelry makes it so fun and interesting to mix with other Silver or Gold pieces you have in your jewelry box or here, in my Etsy shop. Both metals complement so well together....Silver pulls out the cool tones and Gold serves as a contrast and gives a glow.

The face of this original, handcrafted charm is full of intriguing detail, all added one element at a time. The Gold Sun and Silver Moon are "puffed" in the center of this 1" in diameter charm with hand made petals around the perimeter of it. Around the outer edge are handmade Sterling balls interspersed that snug up to the Gold coil rim around this charm. The overall appeal of this charm reminds me of something you would find hidden in a treasure chest.

The Gold Filled Chain suits this design so well. It is a dapped chain and the photos depict it at 24", a perfect length to wear alone or layered, but since all my pieces re made-to-order, I can make this beauty any length you choose from the variation menu.

The Glorious Sun and Mystic Moon blended seamlessly together, depicting one day in the journey of your life....Enjoy!

Sterling Silver and Gold Sun and Moon Necklace

  • Gold, Silver

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