Ahhhh......how Sunflowers make us happy and smile when we see the cheery, yellow hues on the petals of this bright, big flowers! I especially love the centers of Sunflowers with the richness of the Chocolate Brown and the velvety texture. These Woods and Willow earrings pay tribute to the lighthearted nature of this beautiful flower.

They are made from Precious Metal Clay which transforms into solid Sterling Silver when fired in my kiln. The end result is stunning and has more Silver content than what you would normally see in Sterling Silver jewelry and the clay clings to every detail of what you press into it. This is why all of my pieces have Precious Metal Clay as their origin I love working with it!

They are teardrop in shape and look at the beaded coil around the outside perimeter......I'm especially proud that this too, is made from the Precious Metal Clay......very hard to do, but I love the organic look that it gives these beauties. Faceted, Citrine Gemstones are hand-wired and glisten at every turn on top of these Sunflower charms. Sterling Silver ear wires suspend these Sunflower earrings at about 2 1/2" from the earlobe.

Wear a little sunshine........Handcrafted Sterling Sunflower Earrings with Citrine cheer!

Sterling Silver Sunflower Earrings with Citrine Gemstones

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Beaded Coil, Handmade Sunflower Charms, Faceted Citrine Gemstones, Sterling Silver Ear Wires, My Love of Sunflowers!