These earrings are a classic Woods and Willow design. They are simple and elegant and are meant to be your go-to earrings! The design has its origins from real Weeping Willow leaves that I carefully pressed into Precious Metal Clay. They were then outlined, dried, and carefully filed and shaped before putting it in my kiln and firing at 1650 degrees for 2 hours! It transforms into the purest form of Sterling Silver. I lightly oxidized each leaf to enhance those soft veins on the underside of these elegant leaves.

I use Willow leaves quite a bit in my designs because I love the simplicity of the leaf and what it stands for. Willow leaves symbolize flexibility, like the pliable branches from which they came. We all could use a little more willingness to be flexible in our lives, right? Wearing these earrings will remind you to open yourself up to the language of leaves.

The Willow leaf charms themselves measure about 1 1/2" and they hang from Sterling Silver ear wires a total of 2" from the ear lobe.

Classic Woods and Willow earrings.......Enjoy!

Sterling Silver Willow Leaf Earrings

  • Recycled Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Weeping Willow Leaves, Sterling Silver Ear Wires, My Love of Willow Leaves