"Loved".....what a sweet, simple message that is etched on the back of this necklace. It's one word but speaks volumes! This handmade, Sterling Angel Winged Heart Necklace embodies love in its purest form. Combining these two powerful symbols, the winged heart represents the freedom to love, to feel, to courageously rise above the mundane and reach full potential.

This gorgeous pendant's wing span is about 2 1/4". Look at the Angel Wings that are hand formed with such fine detailing adding to the organic feel of this handcrafted treasure! There is a significant amount of raw Sterling Silver in this piece, yet it is so comfortable to wear.

The chain I chose is Sterling Silver with tiny, delicate teardrops of deep, blue opals that glisten up the chain. I offer several lengths and the necklace show, is about 18" in length.

The heart shaped Turquoise stone is just beautiful with it's deep blue hue and is securely set with a deep Silver bezel that showcases this hand cut stone even more.

Sterling Silver Winged Heart Necklace with Turquoise Stone

  • Sterling Silver, Precious Metal Clay, Handmade Angel Winged Heart Pendant, Sterling Silver Chain with Teardrop Opals, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, Love Symbolism, Heart Shaped Turquoise Cabachone Stone