I love everything about this Woods and Willow bracelet design! Lapis is one of my favorite gemstones and I use round, natural Lapis beads that have a nice brushed finish and hand knot them in a chocolate brown leather cord. Sterling Silver Hill Tribe beads of varying designs are knotted in between teardrop Amber stones and at the center is a hand-carved natural Lapis Flower that adds just the right bohemian feel to this bracelet design!

This bracelet is made to be adjustable from approximately 7"- 8" depending on what leather loop you secure the Sterling Silver button into. if you need a different length, you can mention that in the comment section of your order and I'd be happy to personalize the length just for you! Also in one of the photos, are Lapis earrings that are also available in my shop.

The two-sided, puffed heart is handmade and has a rich, Old World feel with the Paisley motif on the front surface. On the back, are the words "We Can Do Better", which is meant to encourage all of us to do just that......better.......start with ourselves at being better listeners, better at helping others, better at putting others before you when necessary and the list goes on and on. It's what this world needs more of these days. I hope the beauty of this bracelet as well as the inspiration for its creation, draws you closer to the Woods and Willow family!

Sterling SilverHeart Charm Bracelet with Lapis and Amber Beads

  • Precious Metal Clay, Sterling Silver, Handmade Two-Sided Heart Charm, We Can Do Better Inspiration, Lapis Beads, Amber Teardrops, Hill Tribe Silver Beads