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"Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me."   Do you remember this old saying?  Well, today it still resonates in our societies, which is unfortunate.   Woods and Willow is putting its nature-inspired jewelry designs towards a good cause, namely, anti-bullying initiatives.  Proceeds from the sale of our Sticks and Stones Collection - ring, necklace and cuff - will go to these programs.  


For this beautiful, Silver and Gold, adjustable ring, I used real sticks and cast them in Sterling Silver.  22kt Genuine Gold is accented on the small stones at the tip of the ring, which gives off a warm, rich glow against the coolness of the Sterling Silver.  The length of these vertical elements is about an inch long.  As with the cuff, I stamped "Sticks & Stones. . ."  on the inside of the ring band.  You can adjust the size of this ring on your finger by gently squeezing the front bars together for a perfect fit.  This ring will fit most finger sizes from 6-10 because of the space between the vertical branches. 


Please note:  All of these rings are one-of-a-kind and the photos show how they will vary slightly, yet still hold the essence and intent of the design.  

Photos depicted show the handmade cuff and bracelet that is also available on this site, however, this listing is for the ring only.


The Reason Behind the Design:
I am personally vested in this cause.  My sister is mentally challenged and was ridiculed relentlessly at school, so I know first-hand how hurtful this was to her and to our entire family.  This was years ago and there was not much you could do to stop this.  But today, we have organized programs….we have hope.

"Sticks & Stones" Adjustable Ring in Sterling and Gold

  • Sterling Silver, Recycled Sterling Silver, 22kt Genuine Gold Accents, Real Sticks & Stones for casting, Anti-Bullying Inititiatives

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