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My recent Italy trip was enchanting! I was so inspired by the culture, artifacts and scenery I saw along our journey. This necklace reflects my artistic interpretation of the ancient ruins of Pompei where it is believed the sundial got its origin.

This sun necklace is handmade by me from raw Sterling Silver and 22kt Genuine Gold accents applied to the sun rays and reflects the rustic appeal of Italy. The charm itself is an organic, sun with rays in a ancient artifact design.

It hangs from a 14kt Gold Filled chain that is interspersed with links and bars and I offer several lengths to choose from in the menu provided.

This necklace will add some sunshine to your neckline and allow you to layer with pieces you may already have, or with the other Woods and Willow necklaces also available in our Italia Collection!

I hope you feel some old world, Italian inspiration when you wear this and let your beautiful self shine through this handcrafted piece!


Sun Necklace - Italia Collection

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