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When you think of the lioness, what traits come to mind?  Strength, matriarchy, power, grace are all powerful attributes that are emblematic of the Lioness. The lioness spirit animal is the universal symbol of feminine power and strength. She is a reminder that you have within you the power to overcome any obstacle.


She symbolizes the need to use your intuition and follow your gut instinct while walking through times of uncertainty. You have the power of a lioness within you to help guide you through the darkest of times. 


Woods and Willow created this beautiful, handcrafted necklace to remind you to embrace the Lioness that resides within you.  It is a Sterling Silver heart charm with a coil perimeter that has Mandala etchings on its surface that has been oxidized to enhance its interest.  The heart was such an appropriately shaped charm in that it mimics the shape of the Lioness' face.  On the reverse side of the charm, the word, Lioness is carved. 

On top of this charm, is where the magic comes in!  Take a look at the thick, Labradorite that has been hand-carved into the majestic face of the Lioness.  It is 1 1/4" at the widest point of the heart charm.


This powerful talisman, hangs from a Sterling Silver paperclip chain that is 18" long.  You can adjust the length easily because the links on the chain can be attached to the Lobster Claw Clasp.

This is a gorgeous necklace with such spiritual meanings to enhance the Lioness that is in you!  Shine on!

The "Lioness" Necklace with Hand Carved Labradorite

  • Sterling Silver, Handmade Heart Charm, Hand Carved Labradorite Lioness Face, Sterling Silver Paperclip Chain, Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, Lioness Symbolisms

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